5 Things You Should Never Do During Divorce Proceedings

Going through a divorce can put a huge emotional strain all parties involved. However, it is important to retain some control and avoid doing things which can hurt your interests during the divorce process. This article discusses some of those things which you should avoid.

Giving Away Property

Avoid giving away any property while you are going through a divorce. Such an act can be regarded as an attempt to get rid of the property which should have been divided between the former spouses at the conclusion of the divorce. Sanctions can be imposed on you if such gifting is discovered.

Badmouthing Your Former Spouse

Refrain from talking ill about your spouse to anyone, especially your kids. Your kids shouldn't hear you talking ill about your spouse to anyone. Such badmouthing may be used against you when it is time to determine who will have custody of the children. The children can also be hurt emotionally when they hear you speaking badly about their parent.

Fraternise With Wrong People

Be mindful about the people whom you interact with while the divorce process is still ongoing. Avoid fraternising with people whose character can be regarded as questionable. For example, keep away from people who consume illicit drugs or those with criminal records. Your interactions with such people can be used against you during the divorce proceedings.

Make Major Purchases

Don't buy a car, a home or any other major asset when the divorce hasn't yet been concluded. Such major purchases can introduce new complications regarding how property should be shared. Those purchases can also hurt your case as spousal support is being determined. This is because the purchases may create an impression that your financial situation isn't as bad as you are trying to portray it in order to receive more spousal support.

Threaten Anyone

Control yourself and avoid issuing any threats against anyone, such as your spouse. Any threat that you issue may impact the case. For example, your spouse may use those threats to support his or her grounds for divorcing you. Such threatening conduct can also reduce your entitlement as the property is being divided between you and your spouse.

It can be hard for you to keep track of all the things you shouldn't do during a divorce. Have an experienced family lawyer by your side throughout the process so that he or she can give you timely advice about your conduct and actions during this difficult process.