Important Things to Discuss With Your Conveyancing Solicitor When Buying Property

Using a property conveyancer for when you're buying a new home is a way to make sure all legal work is performed correctly so that it won't cause you problems down the line and make your purchase more complicated than it has to be. Conveyancing is something that is done without the conveyancer knowing much about the actual property, as it is a process of making sure the legal works are correct.

How Can You Avoid Some of the Biggest Risks to the Average Motorist Today?

A car certainly provides the average Australian with a remarkable degree of freedom and allows them to work or play in remote destinations without too much thought. However, this form of transportation is definitely not without its risks, and if you're unlucky, you can sustain some serious injuries when you are travelling from point to point. It pays to understand some of the bigger risks and how they affect innocent people on a daily basis, so you can take steps to avoid any injuries and subsequent compensation.

Are You Sure That a Simple Will Is Going to Be Adequate in Your Case?

Have you recently drawn up a will with the intent of looking after your dependents when you pass away? If so, you may now be feeling quite happy with yourself that you've ticked this box. Certainly, it's better to have a will than not to have any documentation at all, and it makes it a lot easier for your family to access your personal assets. However, you may have a lot more work to do if you are like many Australians and have other interests.

What you need to understand about the process of equity transfer during real estate transactions

Transfer of equity is the process which is followed when a person is removed from or added to the ownership of a piece of real estate property. There are many circumstances which can prompt the need for equity transfer. These include a divorce, adding a child to the property ownership and death. The particular process followed when doing the transfer depends on the type of transfer. However, there are certain general guidelines which can inform a real estate property owner and prepare them for the entire process.

5 Things You Should Never Do During Divorce Proceedings

Going through a divorce can put a huge emotional strain all parties involved. However, it is important to retain some control and avoid doing things which can hurt your interests during the divorce process. This article discusses some of those things which you should avoid. Giving Away Property Avoid giving away any property while you are going through a divorce. Such an act can be regarded as an attempt to get rid of the property which should have been divided between the former spouses at the conclusion of the divorce.

Is a DIY Divorce Right For You?

There's no doubt that divorce costs money, and many people today are considering the "DIY" divorce option because it cuts legal fees out of the equation. Whilst it's possible to file for divorce online without any help from a lawyer, that's only a good option in certain circumstances. Ask yourself these questions to learn whether a DIY divorce or divorce through a family lawyer is better suited for your situation.  Do You Both Want the Divorce?

How solicitor can help you in debt collection

There is nothing that is more dreadful than having debt and getting endless calls from collectors. If you are in a situation where you are in debt but do not have a well-laid plan on how to recover it, you can ask a solicitor to help you keep your creditors at bay as you look for a way out. On the other hand, if you are a creditor, and want to follow on your debts legally, a solicitor can help you use the right procedures to recover your debts.

Orders That Are Commonly Issued to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

Over the past few years, many cases of domestic violence in Australia have gone unreported. This has created the false perception that domestic violence is either quite rare or almost non-existent. Furthermore, many victims think that there is little they can do under the law to protect themselves from abuse. However, victims and their loved ones should realize that Australian family law contains detailed chapters that fully address cases of domestic violence.