Key Compensation Myths You Must Stop Believing

An injury can have life-long impacts, even when the outcomes are temporary. Your finances and career development take a hit if you have time off work. Additionally, if the injury has lasting effects, it can reduce your quality of life. Unfortunately, you may feel less inclined to use a personal injury lawyer if you believe certain myths. Here are some to remain wary of. 

You Won't Get Work

If you suffered your injury in the workplace and you sue your employer, you may hear that it'll act as a barrier to getting work in the future. You may also believe that your employer can fire you. Fortunately, neither of these myths is true. No employer can refuse you work on the basis that you made a personal injury claim. Similarly, you can't be fired for taking a claim out against your current employer. If you're suffering due to an injury and negligence is at play, it's important that you cover your financial losses. Seeking compensation makes sense in such cases.

Estimating Claims is Easy

Be wary of anyone telling you they will secure a set amount for your claim. While figures such as averages exist, many different factors go into the final figures. For example, broken ankles may attract rough ballpark figures. Whether or not you achieve that figure can depend on the severity of the break, your employer's contribution to negligence, and other contributing factors. Because of this, you shouldn't plan your life and future finances around certain figures. 

Exaggerating Injuries is Worthwhile

Never exaggerate an injury. Insurance firms remain profitable as they perform thorough research when looking into claims. They'll even go as far as examining your social media accounts, and they may seek their own witnesses. As such, you should always remain honest about your injuries and how they impact your life. At the same time, make sure you don't hold back. Your personal injury lawyer will guide you through the various ways a claim may impact you.

Only Physical Injuries Matter

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. As such, if an employer has been negligent by not providing the right working conditions or an injury elsewhere traumatises you, seek advice from a lawyer. Stress can significantly impact your ability to work and enjoy life. It can also result in rising medical bills, due to counselling and other therapies. As such, if someone else has caused you harm through negligence, it's worth seeking a compensation claim.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer to learn more.