3 Instances When You Need To Update Your Family's Will

Many people think that a will should only be written when you are old or about to die. While a will can be crucial at these times, it is not the only circumstance that should be used to write a will. It is important to get in touch with your lawyer and write a will now, which should be updated regularly. This is very helpful when you are no longer around and there is a need for the conveyance of your properties to the beneficiaries.

How Australian Law Allows You to Claim Compensation Due to Injuries

In modern-day society, you should be able to go about your business on a daily basis safely, without being involved in an incident that is no fault of your own. In other words, if you go into somebody's shop or office in order to conduct some business or are just walking around in a public place, you are entitled to protection. Sometimes, however, things do not go as planned, and you may sustain some injuries, and as a consequence, you will suffer monetary harm and need to seek some compensation.

Courts and Sentencing: Understanding the Appeal Process

If you have been convicted of a crime by an Australian court, you will be sentenced by a judge. Depending on the nature of the offence, the punishment you face could vary from a lengthy prison sentence to a fine and community service. However, the Australian legal system also allows those convicted of a crime to appeal against their sentence. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about the appeal process.

How to Plead for Leniency If Charged with Drink-Driving

When it comes to motoring offences, few are more serious than a drink-driving conviction. If you're found guilty of this type of crime anywhere in Australia you will likely face significant financial penalties, disqualification from driving, a criminal record and sometimes a spell "inside." Once the dust has settled, you will find it difficult to travel and may not be able to get to work and back very easily. If you've been charged in this situation, is there anything that you can do to try and avoid that dreaded conviction?

Writing a Will When You Have Children: The Four Essentials You Need to Consider

It's misleading to assume you only need a will if you have a large estate. If you have children, you need a will regardless of what size your estate is. Are you wondering what you need to include in your will, regarding your children? Here are some essential issues to consider. 1. Guardianship First and foremost, if you have children, a will allows you to name a guardian for them. Imagine how terrible it would be for your children if you died.

Why Problems Can Arise If You Don't Formalise a Will Properly

By its very nature, a will is a very formal document. Legislators have created some very specific coding, in order to ensure that these documents are created properly and treated in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. You may think that the most difficult part of creating a will is in determining who gets what and how it is going to be executed. However, don't forget how important it is to create and finalise the will properly, if it is going to have full legal standing.

Why It's Never a Good Idea to Let an Outstanding Debt Lapse

If you're in business for yourself, you know that one of the big challenges is the fact that you need to extend credit to customers as an expected part of the trading process. Normally, customers will pay and largely on time, but occasionally an issue will develop. You shouldn't just let this brew, as it were, without taking action as you may have to consider the statute of limitations. What should you be worried about here?

A guide to conveyancing and residential conveyances

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property from one person to another. Typically, a transaction has two phases within the process: the exchange of contracts and the settlement phase, which sees the legal title pass and rights merged with the legal title. Property lawyers and licensed conveyancers are the go-to for buying and selling property as they are experienced and experts in their field. As buying and selling property is quite a significant financial move, it is important to feel confident throughout the whole process and ensure that you have the best people working on your behalf.

Social media advice for franchisees and franchisors

Similar to any other marketing platform, social media is littered with possible legal concerns. A number of laws related to social media use can limit what advertisers can and can't do on their social network sites. These may include state and federal advertising, privacy and trademark laws and social media providers' terms of use. For franchisees, factor in the terms of the franchise agreement into the equation, and you have a real task to work through prior to kick-starting your franchise advertising campaign on social media.

How To Be Prepared For A Workplace Injury

Most people go about their daily lives paying more than their fair share of attention to safety and security. They realise that they've got to maintain their capabilities in order to make a living and care for their families. Yet sometimes, accidents do happen, and due to the amount of time you spend at work on a typical day, you're probably at greater risk there. So you can be as prepared as possible, what do you need to bear in mind about your specific rights, should this happen?

How To Legally Stop A Person From Spreading Malicious Rumors About You

Is someone spreading lies about you on Facebook or Twitter and you just can't stand the person anymore? And do these lies or rumors taint your image? If so, don't keep quiet about it. You actually have the power and right to sue the person and get compensated for the damage that these lies have caused. This type of crime is known as defamation. You can also sue a person if the lies or false rumors have led you to be despised, shunned, avoided, or ridiculed by other people.

Three Legal Considerations When Starting A Fish And Chips Business

If you're thinking of starting a fish and chips business in your area, you've got some groundwork to cover to ensure that you remain within the purview of the law. While the business has the potential to be highly lucrative if you get it right, err on the side of caution and cover these legal aspects with a professional before you start your fish and chips business. Begin By Setting Up And Registering Your Business