How Can You Avoid Some of the Biggest Risks to the Average Motorist Today?

A car certainly provides the average Australian with a remarkable degree of freedom and allows them to work or play in remote destinations without too much thought. However, this form of transportation is definitely not without its risks, and if you're unlucky, you can sustain some serious injuries when you are travelling from point to point. It pays to understand some of the bigger risks and how they affect innocent people on a daily basis, so you can take steps to avoid any injuries and subsequent compensation. What should you be aware of on an ongoing basis?

Morning After

You may never dream of driving under the influence, but it remains one of the largest threats across the continent. Just remember to be aware during "the morning after," as this is when many accidents happen. People don't realise that alcohol is still in their system.

Smart Phone Danger

Some people think that distraction is worse than driving under the influence and especially if the individual is trying to reply to a text message on their smartphone. Many fatal accidents have been caused in this way, and it's not surprising that police forces across the country are cracking down on offenders.

Scales of Recklessness

Some drivers simply do not pay attention and can cause "fender benders" by failing to stop at a sign or ignoring a red light. These offences may be a long way down the list in terms of culpability, but they may cause as much damage as a more reckless incident involving excess speed.

Controlling Your Temper

It's important to remain calm behind the wheel, even if the rest of your life is unravelling quickly. If you're not careful, you may take some of your frustration out on other users and submit to a phenomenon known as "road rage." This can turn the most mild-mannered individual into a devil behind the wheel and can, unfortunately, lead to injuries and worse.

Other Risks

While many of the aforementioned threats are quite well known today, you should still pay attention to other risks that may be subtle. If you can, avoid driving in some of the extreme weather conditions found during the rainy season and limit your night-time driving as much as possible. Some people do not see as well during the hours of darkness and may not be able to distinguish colours as effectively. When this is combined with poor street lighting conditions, injuries can occur.

No-Fault Compensation

You may be eligible to get compensation for a personal injury sustained during a traffic accident, no matter who is judged to be at fault. This type of competition can include loss of earnings, medical care and home help in some situations, so you should consult with a personal injury lawyer for further advice.