Important Things to Discuss With Your Conveyancing Solicitor When Buying Property

Using a property conveyancer for when you're buying a new home is a way to make sure all legal work is performed correctly so that it won't cause you problems down the line and make your purchase more complicated than it has to be. Conveyancing is something that is done without the conveyancer knowing much about the actual property, as it is a process of making sure the legal works are correct. Meaning, you may have information about the house that the conveyancer might not know after you've visited the property. Therefore, there are a few things you should tell your conveyancer to make sure everything on your new property is included in the conveyancing process.  

Deciding who has the responsibility

If the property you're looking at have paths leading up from the main road to the house, or the main road is running over your property at any point, you might want to tell your conveyancer about this. With this information, they can research on who is responsible for maintaining the road or path; is it the council's responsibility or yours? This is something you need to know, as it can add additional running costs you had not foreseen to your new home. The same thing goes for any structures used by the public that are on or very close to your property, like wells, bridges, or walls.

Researching the properties of the land

You can also ask to have an environmental search performed if you suspect that the land your house is built on have any history that you might want to know for safety or health reasons. A search like this will show if the land has been used for anything particular before it got turned into a residential area. If it used to be land for growing crops, for example, residues of chemical substances can still be present in the environment. It will also show if your land is prone to flooding or if it's unstable because of an excessive amount of clay soil, which will help you if you plan on building further additions on your property.

If you're fond of the land surrounding your property

You can also ask your conveyancer to perform searches for your own purely aesthetic preferences. For example, if you have a patch of forest beside your property, and this is one of the main reasons why you chose that property, a conveyancer can search to see if anything is planned for that patch by the council or government. This will give you information about possible construction in the area that will remove the forest area that you are attached to. 

For more information, contact conveyancing solicitors in your area.