The 3 Types of Crimes You Should Know About

There is never harm in learning the types of crime outlined in criminal law. This information might come in handy when you or your loved one gets arrested for a criminal offence. It will enable you to take the appropriate steps, even if you are working with a criminal lawyer. Here are the common criminal offences you might want to know:

1. Evading Transport Fare

You have probably seen someone board a bus, but then they try to outsmart the driver and avoid paying the transport fee when they arrive at their destination. Failing to pay transportation fare is a crime. Additionally, travelling somewhere you should not and travelling on concession without pass documents are all criminal offences. 

To avoid falling victim, you are always advised to confirm the transport fare amount first and if there is any dispute, pay the whole amount, then solve the issue later. Ensure to capture the vehicle number, company name, and any other information that may help you settle the dispute.

2. Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, or Actual Murder

According to criminal law, it is a crime to take another person's life. In most cases, such a crime earns life in prison. However, there are some cases where the court can give a shorter jail term. 

Murder or homicide is when a person kills another knowingly. It is good to note that murder resulting from a road accident, whether willingly or unwillingly, is not considered criminal law. On the other hand, attempted murder arises when you plan on killing someone but fail to succeed.

Manslaughter is more of an accidental kill due to negligence or recklessness. It can also be defined as willingly killing someone due to severe provocation. Criminal charges related to murder are pretty complex and might require the intervention of a highly-seasoned criminal lawyer. 

3. Assaulting, Stalking, or Sexually Assaulting Someone

Assault occurs when your actions lead to physical injury or mental trauma to another person. If you hit, touch, or apply any force on someone without their authorisation, it will be considered an assault. The severity of the matter determines the penalty earned.

Daily assaults are usually minor but could still land you behind bars. If you threaten or cause small injuries on anyone, you will be charged with common assault. 

Sexual assault is when someone touches you inappropriately, including groping. It also includes forceful involvement in sexual acts like forcing you to touch their genitals or to watch sexual content. Rape refers to forcing someone into sex without their consent and can lead to life imprisonment.

Stalking is another crime punishable by law. It happens when someone begins to constantly pay attention to you to the extent of frightening you or making you believe you or your loved one is in danger.

These are some of the many criminal law offences you should learn about. Seek legal help from a criminal lawyer in the event you are involved in any of them.