Why You Need A Family Lawyer When Divorcing Your Spouse

If you plan to divorce your spouse, you could be in a dilemma of whether to engage the services of a family lawyer. Well, the truth is that a lawyer's input can help simplify the process. Below are compelling reasons as to why you need the lawyer's help. 

Extensive Knowledge Of Family Law

The divorce process is not as easy as many could think. Slight oversights could complicate the issue. For example, if you attempted to serve papers to your spouse, the court will disregard the divorce application. On the other hand, if you do not meet the minimum requirements, your spouse will challenge the matter. A lawyer will help out with such issues. For example, they could serve divorce papers and ask the court to grant you the divorce if your spouse goes in hiding or refuses to sign the papers. Besides, the lawyer will ensure that you meet the divorce criteria. For instance, there are cases when you might have got back together during the divorce. In this case, the reunion period should not exceed three months. If it does, you will have to restart the one year separation period. 

Negotiating And Drafting Contracts

Emotions and selfishness are some of the impediments to a successful divorce. Your family lawyer will help you avoid these shortcomings. Typically, they will ensure that the parental plans and property settlement contracts are fair to both parties and represent the current family situation. For example, if your spouse will live with the kids, then it would be reasonable to give them the family home to prevent interruptions in the children's lives. However, they should bear the mortgage burden. If there is a significant financial difference between both parties, the family lawyer will help you determine the need for spousal maintenance. 

Court Representation

There are instances when the divorce could end up being a court battle. For example, it could be that your partner needs sole custody of the kids. Alternatively, you could have failed to reach an amicable solution regarding property settlement. In this case, you will definitely require the services of an experienced lawyer. Besides court representation, the lawyer will also advise you on how to conduct yourself to ensure a positive outcome. For example, you should not ignore court orders or sell any joint property. 

Peace Of Mind

Once you hire a divorce lawyer, you do not need to confront your spouse regarding the various aspects of the divorce. If they need to get to you, they must write to your lawyer. This arrangement ensures peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on personal healing. 

A family lawyer will ensure peace of mind during divorce, represent you in court, negotiate contracts and advise you on the laws that affect your divorce. If you need help with a divorce, contact a local family law lawyer.