Facing Criminal Charges? Why You Need To Hire A Criminal Defence Solicitor Right Away

If you're facing criminal charges and you're worried about your future, don't take chances with your legal defence. Before you make mistakes that will jeopardise your rights and your future, you need to hire a criminal defence solicitor. You might think that you're safe proceeding without legal representation, but that's not the case. A criminal defence solicitor will provide you with protections and benefits that you might not have considered. Here are just four of the reasons you need to hire a solicitor right away. 

Protection During Questioning

Now that you're facing criminal charges, you can expect to be questioned by the police. They may ask you to come down to the station for an interview. However, once you're there, they'll turn the interview into an interrogation. Unfortunately, if you don't have your solicitor with you, the questions could become invasive or even unlawful. In fact, the police may be able to coerce you into implicating yourself in the crime. That's why you need to hire a criminal defence solicitor before you go in for questioning. Your solicitor will provide you with the protection you need during questioning. 

Assistance With Bail Application

If you're arrested for a criminal offence, you'll need to submit an application for bail as soon as possible. However, if you make mistakes on your bail application, the court may refuse it. If that happens, you won't have the opportunity to submit another application, which means you'll be remanded into custody for the duration of your criminal trial. To make sure that doesn't happen, you need to hire a criminal defence solicitor as soon as possible. They'll submit the application on your behalf, which will increase your chances of receiving a bail release. 

Assistance With Plea Bargaining

If you're charged with a criminal offence and you're worried about the potential sentence, you might want to consider a plea bargain. Unfortunately, it's not easy negotiating a plea bargain on your own, especially since you don't have any bargaining power. Not only that, you might not know what a fair plea bargain would entail. If you want to ensure yourself a good plea agreement, hire a criminal defence solicitor before the negotiations begin. 

Protection From Unnecessary Risk

If you're facing criminal charges, it's crucial that you protect yourself from potential risks. You might not realise this, but proceeding without legal representation opens you up to quite a few risks. Some of those include wrongful prosecution, loss of employment and wrongful imprisonment. Before you're subjected to those risks, have representation from a criminal defence solicitor.

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