Tram Injuries In Melbourne: What You Need To Know About Claiming Compensation

Melbourne residents have enjoyed public tram services since 1884, when a horse-led tram line opened in Fairfield. Since then, the network has grown, and there are now more than 250 kilometres of tram lines in the city. Unfortunately, people who travel on public trams sometimes suffer injuries, which can lead to serious consequences. Learn more about the steps you may need to take following a tram injury, and find out how you can claim compensation.

#DeepTrouble: Could A Driving Selfie Land You In Trouble With The Law?

The 'selfie' has become one of the most popular social trends. These days, it seems like everyone is taking and posting selfies, and people are under increasing pressure to take the next 'great' image. As part of this, a lot of people are starting to take selfies behind the wheel, but this type of photography could see you in trouble with the law. Learn how driving selfies can kill, and find out what Australian law says about this dangerous trend.

Title Insurance: What Property Buyers Need To Know

Buying a new property is an exciting prospect, but buyers face several financial risks throughout the process. Even the most thorough surveys and assessments can fail to uncover some houses' secrets, and, if it falls to you to foot the bill, you could face significant financial problems. Learn how title insurance can help you manage this risk, and find out why some property buyers regret their failure to take out this critical type of policy.